Friday, February 25, 2011

Guess what? It is Snowing!

I am so ready for spring.  I am sure it is coming soon and it will be much too short.

Yesterday I mentioned how my circle of old friends is shrinking every year, but there are other circles, some interlocking, that are expanding and bring me joy.  My USBC family circle of friends grows with every new city where we work.  My church family circle of friends that I am still getting to know back in West Virginia (West Virginians take a little more work to get to know.  If you weren't born there, you are an outsider.)  New friends that I am meeting through our business are another circle.  I hope there will be a circle of blogging friends as well.

Life is good and there is still so much to look forward to in the days ahead!

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Bevy said...

Well hello, Betty.

I'm Bevy from over at Treasured Up and Pondered. Thanks for stopping by blog, commenting and now following. :)

I've enjoyed spending a few minutes to read up on some of your recent posts. My hubby used to drive OTR for awhile (but he's back in Computers again) and there was a couple of weeks when I went with him. FUN memories...

Blessings to you. Oh, and I must tell you - that my husband and I often talk of getting ourselves an RV and touring the country. I don't know about full time - but at least for a month or two. Right now, our kids are too little and with another on the way - the dream will have to just wait awhile.