Friday, November 11, 2011

An Early Morning Surprise!

Last Saturday was the first snow of the season for us here in West Virginia.  I hunted up my camera because I always like a few pictures of the first snow, stepped out on the front porch and stopped with my mouth hanging open.  There was a pick-up parked neatly beside the house.  Now I have to explain there is no way you can drive a vehicle larger than a lawn mower into my front yard!  There were no tracks in the snow around the pick-up soooo........maybe a gift from the Great Pumpkin?  I yelled at Homer & Wendy to come see my surprise!

A closer look showed me there was also a section of chain link fence missing!  We all stood there staring at this silly pick-up for a few minutes and then I decided maybe I should go call the sheriff's dept.  Before I could follow-up on this idea, a dump truck pulled up in front of the house and a young man jumped out and came over to talk to us.  He said it was his truck and he must have fallen asleep.   He lives across the road from us.  There is a dirt road leading up to his house. He came down his driveway, across the road, across my driveway, wiped out the chain link fence and drug it all the way to the back of the house.  There is no way to drive back up so he just parked the truck and left.  We slept through the whole thing!  He also ran over the two Tennessee Mountain Fig trees Wendy planted last year and tore up the honeysuckle and rose bushes that were growing on the fence, and my new peony!

The boys left, promising to come back this week to put the fence back up.  The reason we have a fence around this part of the yard is to keep Fred-the-dog at home.  Fred is getting old, but if he manages to escape, he will take off running and will not come back home until he is exhausted and hungry.  The roads around here are narrow and people drive faster than they should, so we worry when he gets loose.  Fred spent several days pouting because he had to be tied up until the fence was repaired.

The boys did come back and put the fence back up, but it was a rather droopy looking job so Homer took it down and redid the whole thing.  Fred is now happy again.  He sits in the chair on the front porch and barks at anyone who dares to get anywhere near his yard!

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