Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hereeeeeee's Freddie!!!

Well, now that you know a little bit about my husband and me, it is time to introduce you to the rest of our family.

My daughter, Wendy, also lives with us and you will be hearing more about her in future posts.

The oldest member of our family is Fred the Dog.  Fred is an affectionate, easygoing, sometimes loyal member of that breed of dog commonly known as Mutt.  According to the people who originally had him, he is part collie.   According to the vet, he looks more like part cocker spaniel, so maybe he is a little of both.  He has long goldish-red hair, a great plume of a tail and eyes that can melt the hardest heart.  He has the rest of the family well trained.  We jump to attention when he wants to go out and hurry to open the door for him.  When he wants a treat of something to eat, he slaps you with a big paw, displays his best grin and gives you his “aren’t I cute” look.  I have never been able to resist this one for more than 5 minutes.

Fred fancies himself to be a fierce watch dog (during the day light hours).  When it turns dark he turns into “Chicken Dog” and goes looking for Wendy to accompany him outside.  She is a good sport and dons her coat to go outside with him to protect him from the BOOGIES even on the coldest winter nights.

Fred loves Christmas.  He always seems to know that stocking hanging on the mantle is his and will make several trips a day to stare longingly at it.  When Christmas morning arrives and he finally gets possession of that stocking, he is just like a little kid who can’t decide what he wants to play with first.

We also have two feline characters in our family and I will tell you more about them in a future post.  Rudy and Miss Kitty delight in racing through the house and leaping over Fred when he is napping.  They also like to hide behind chairs for sneak attacks when he strolls by.  Fred is really good natured and rarely ever gets annoyed with them.

Fred is also possessed of remarkable hearing.  He will start barking when the UPS truck is still way down the road.  That big brown truck is never going to sneak up on us.  On the other hand, let him gain his freedom from our fenced yard, and he suddenly goes stone deaf and no amount of calling and coaxing and offers of treats will reach him.  Last year we had a heavy snowfall, followed by a hard freeze and part of the fence sagged down and Fred jumped the fenced and was off and running.  He stayed out all afternoon before he finally got hungry and decided to come home.  Now I have to tell you, that Fred is no young pup, he just thinks he is sometimes. In dog years, he is probably older than I am.  The next day poor Fred could hardly walk and I realized that dogs can have achy joints the same as people and ibuprofen was probably not the way to go. 

I started looking around and found an organic pet product line called Flying Bassett.  They have a product called Joint Recovery Maintenance Complex--- it's all natural and the company says it would be safe for people to eat it!  Fred’s muzzle may be a little whiter than it used to be, but he moves pretty well for his age.  The vet was very pleased with him at his last check-up--- in fact, the vet says his body is about 11 yrs old, but he's actually about 15. I feel very confident recommending Flying Bassett to any pet lover.  You can find them at the following link:  http://www.fhtmus.com/homerdavis .  Just click on the Flying Bassett icon. They have products for cats too.

Well it’s time to go.  Today is my birthday and my daughter, Wendy, is treating me to a new hairdo.


Anonymous said...

Yeesh, Mom. Couldn't you have cut that awful section of the pic with me in it out?

That was a seriously "Bad Hair Day"!!! lol

Betty Davis said...

Sorry, couldn't find the crop button!