Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Breath of Fresh Air!

Good Morning!  It is a beautiful morning.  The emergency repairs are all done and my life has returned to as near normal as it ever gets.  Hubby is out working on enclosing our deck with screens and windows.  Sitting out on the deck enjoying our back yard sounded like such a great idea when we built the deck, however the wasps like it as much as we do.  We seem to be located in the midst of a huge colony of wasp nests and no amount of spraying discourages them for long.  So from now on we will be enjoying our deck behind the safety of screen and glass.  Homer has had multiple stings on more than one occasion since he spends more time outdoors than I do.  Wendy has to exercise extreme caution since she is allergic to bee stings and we have to keep an EpiPen handy at all times.  For her a sting means a trip to the emergency room.

Since hubby is occupied out on the deck, doing what he enjoys most...building something, I am free to get busy on my own project creating a home business so we can finally retire to stay home.  We have tried a lot of different businesses over the years but we have never been able to find one that is the right fit for us until now.  I hate going out and trying to recruit people. It is just not me and I am not good at talking to people.  I like working with the computer and selling products I truly believe in and use every day in my own home.  The air purifier is wonderful.  It not only cleans the air, it sanitizes surfaces and kills staph germs, avian flu germs, mold and mildew spores. My chronic sinus infection has complete cleared up and Wendy's allergies are under control for the first time in years.  It is wonderful to wake up in the morning without my head feeling all stuffy. The technology used in the air purifier comes from the space program.  It is based on the technology used to scrub the air in space capsules.  As you can probably tell, I am completely sold on this product.  You can check it out at  Just click on the product tab to find out just what all it can do!

The other products are awesome too: a water purifier that really works (we have nasty water without some sort of purifier) and believe it or not, a gadget that lets you wash all your clothes in cold water with NO soap or fabric softener! I was extremely skeptical of that, but it really does work. Hubby's work clothes have always been a real chore to get clean because of grease and sweat-- I have always had to wash them twice with extra soap-helpers like Shout, add in-wash fabric softener, plus dryer sheets. Not any more! One wash cycle in cold water gets it done.

Okay, I'll say it upfront-- the products aren't cheap, but they really do pay for themselves in savings on power, water, prescription antihistamines, and wash/dryer products. So, we are all extremely happy with them.

Lol Enough of that, I wasn't planning to make this post an advertisement. But do check them out if you think they might work for you.

Oh my! It looks like it might actually rain today. Wendy has been working for since we bought the house to get some fruit trees, bulbs, and roses started (she's just about ringed the front yard in different colored roses) and this year, for the first time, one of the peach trees has peaches on it! It just really needs extra water for them to develop. We can hardly wait for them to ripen!

We still have 5 roses, a pair of azaleas, a rhododendron, and a few other things yet to plant, but it's been just too hot: upper 90s with the heat index in the 100s and so humid it feels like you're breathing soup. Yuck!

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Nani Chrimes said...

Thanks for resending your blog. I'll put in my Favorites so I don't lose it again.

Sounds like life if going well for you and you've found the perfect home business. Good luck! I will check out the econbusiness site and let you know what we think. (I'm especially blown away by the no soap washing of Homer's clothes.)

We are in Las Vegas; just back from visiting family in Hawaii for 4 weeks with son Jason and g/daughter Alexandria (11 on Christmas). Got the sad news that Bob's mother passed away 6 hours after we landed in Hawaii, so Bob and I had to fly to Connecticut for the funeral. Will have to go back in a month to finish getting her house cleaned up for sale. Please keep us in your prayers as we go thru the usual red tape and disagreements over how to do things.

Miss U both alot. Hugs, Nani & Bob